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Brandon Paree

Senior Front-end Software Engineer (with Full Stack Experience)

Email: | Phone Number: 520-205-2826 | Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Education: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS) at Northern Arizona University, 2016

LinkedIn: /in/brandonparee

GitHub: /brandonparee



Formidable Labs

Senior Software Engineer

January 2021 - Present - Remote

  • Front-end consultant building Next.js applications for global e-commerce brands

    • Concurrent development of multiple large-scale e-commerce websites
    • Contribute to shared packages as well as brand-specific functionality
    • Lead development of major features
    • Improve developer tooling and optimize development workflows
    • Assist with story and requirements refinement; ensure alignment with Figma mocks and accessibility standards
    • Provide mentorship through pair programming sessions, code review, weekly "coding club" meetings
    • Core technologies used: Next.js, React, Redux, GraphQL w/ Apollo, TypeScript, styled-components, Jest, react-testing-library, Storybook

Modulus Global

Lead Front-end Software Engineer

August 2018 - January 2021 - Scottsdale, Arizona | Remote

  • Built and maintained React application for white label digital asset exchange (e.g. cryptocurrencies, securities)

    • Highly customizable based on configurations from backend; enable/disable features, internationalization, themes
    • Uses websockets (SignalR) and many API endpoints; manage data fetching and storage using tools like Redux (w/ thunks) and react-query
    • Core technologies used: React, Redux, styled-components, react-router, react-query, formik, react-table (v6 and v7), i18next, react-virtualized, TradingView, recharts, axios, SignalR, Grommet
  • Was responsible for client frontend customization; gathering requirements, project management, and implementation
  • Managed git repositories and deployments for many clients using GitLab; implemented automated builds and deployments for multiple Cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Netlify)
  • Created server using Express to manage status of client licenses
  • Created command line Node.js tool to assist with internationalization using Google Cloud Translate API

General Motors

Software Developer: Front-end/UI Developer

June 2016 - July 2018 — Chandler, Arizona

  • Assisted in launch of new Opel and Vauxhall marketing websites
  • Wrote Javascript and Sass to assist in implementation of new Adobe Experience Manager components
  • Created tool to allow developers to use local code with production content, allowing bugfixes to be accomplished much faster
  • Created tool to assist developers in writing documentation
  • Assisted in creation of tool to bundle documentation into a distributable PDF
  • Led Git implementation processes on new project
  • Moved local Adobe Experience Manager development environment to Docker
  • Frequent presenter in monthly Knowledge Sharing sessions
  • Improved Gulp and Maven build processes for frontend code
  • Wrote and maintained coding standards and style guides

Freelance Web Developer


Full Stack Developer (Freelance)

October 2015 - July 2016 — Remote

  • Added new functionality to an existing Meteor application for a cryptocurrency startup
  • Major features implemented: Cryptocurrency wallets for BTC, LTC, and ETH, KYC and AML verifications for new customers, Stripe and Versapay as payment methods for cryptocurrency and cloud mining, two-factor authentication


Full Stack Developer (Freelance)

September 2015 - January 2016 — Remote

  • Created photo sharing application using Meteor given design and functional requirements
  • Major features implemented: image upload and hosting using Cloudinary, administration tools for front page and gallery page content, dynamic categories for images and artwork.

Languages, Skills, Tools, Technologies

Javascript, TypeScript, React, Next.js, CSS/Sass/CSS in JS (e.g. styled-components), GraphQL, Redux, Docker, Node.js, Git, Express, DigitalOcean, AWS (S3, Cloudfront), Cloudflare


Playlist Sequencer

Playlist Sequencer is an application where a user can log in with their Spotify account to create shuffled versions of playlists where specific songs will always play together (e.g. multi-part songs).

Core technologies used: Next.js, Prisma w/ Postgres, React, NextAuth, TypeScript, react-query, Chakra UI, Spotify API, Vercel

Peachy Portfolio

Peachy Portfolio was a cryptocurrency portfolio tracking web application built with React and Blockstack. Peachy Portfolio was a submission for Blockstack's Signature Bounties: Encrypted Token Portfolio App competition.

Core technologies used: Blockstack, React, Redux, Sass


Evalurate was a web application designed to make peer evaluations easy. Evalurate was my Capstone Project completed at Northern Arizona University with my team consisting of a total of four people.

Core technologies used: Meteor, BlazeJS, Sass, MongoDB

Additional projects and information can be found at


Startup Weekend NAU, Fall 2015

First Place

Text Capsule/Text Flare: A web application to allow for sending delayed text messages. Useful in a number of business applications, as well as in emergency situations. Developed using Meteor and the Twilio API.

Hack Arizona: Raytheon Drone Challenge, Spring 2015

Third Place

Drone Challenge: My team of three programmed an ARDrone 2.0 to autonomously search for faces and follow them at a distance, beginning the search again if the face was lost. Developed using NodeJS and OpenCV for face detection.